1 May 2005, 2:13am

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Bone to Bone

by Vasko Popa

At the Beginning

That’s so much better
We’ve saved ourselves from the flesh

Now we’ll do what we’ll do
Say something

Would you like to be
The backbone of lightning

Say a bit more

What can I say
Hipbone of a storm

Say something else

That’s all I know
Ribs of heaven

We’re nobody’s bones
Say something else

After the Beginning

What shall we do now

That’s a good one
Now we’ll have marrow for supper

We had marrow for lunch
A hollow feeling nags my innards

Then let’s make music
We like music

What do we do when the dogs come
They like bones

We’ll stick in their throats
And love it

In the Sun

It’s nice to sunbathe naked
I never cared much for the flesh

Those rags never fooled me either
I go crazy about you naked

Don’t let the sun caress you
Let’s just love each other

Only please here not in the sun
Everything can be seen here dear bone

Under the Ground

Muscle of darkness muscle of flesh
It’s all the same thing

Well what now

We’ll call to bones of all ages
We’ll climb to the sun

What then

Then we’ll grow pure
Keep on growing just as we please

What about after

Nothing we’ll go everywhere
We’ll be eternal bone-beings

Just wait for the earth to yawn

In the Moonlight

What’s going on
It’s as if flesh snowlike flesh
Were sticking to me

I don’t know what it is
It’s as if marrow flows through me
Some bone-chilling marrow

I don’t know either
It’s as if all is starting again
With a terrifying beginning

Do you know what
Can you bark

Before the End

Where do we go now

Where could nowhere
Two bones go otherwise

What’s there to do

There for a long time
No one and his wife nothing
Have yearned for us to come

What do they need us for

They are old and have no bones
We’ll be their loving daughters

At the End

I’m a bone you’re a bone
Why did you swallow me
I can’t see myself anymore

What’s wrong with you
It’s you who’ve swallowed me
I can’t see myself either

Where am I now

Now no one knows any more
Who is who or where
It’s all an ugly dream of dust

Can you hear me

I can hear both you and myself
A hellebore is crowing out of us