2 Mar 2015, 6:30pm

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Around and around we go

Big yellow tomato
Karmann ghia
My uncle who raced stock cars
around a dirt track near winder
He was fast
He won a lot
He was my favorite (uncle)

The car was brown and pink
It had mail box numbers on the side
Number 7
Number 13
Kisses for luck

When you win on a dirt track
they don’t feed you champagne
You have pabst blue ribbon
You pour it over your bald head
and it gets in your underwear

My uncle lived in a brick apartment
over his garage
He had girls stay with him
Through the week
My aunt wasn’t too happy about it
but she liked him winning

That isn’t there anymore

I was reading (grapes of wrath
On the road) and you were
Nowhere near

I see you on the beach some days
You’re still pretty
I’m still lonely, horny
In love

1 Mar 2015, 8:01pm

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Don’t judge me I won’t

Warehouse opera multi function
House and handgrenade
The hosereel gets stuck by the garage door
So I don’t wash the cars anymore
Sonny jurgensen
I thank you
We all thank you
The hawks are doing well
19 in a row was it and still on top of the east
My mind is a rube goldberg device
Must be time for spring cleaning
I am an Ape wearing a wedding gown
That’s me
Been wanting to feel what it feels
To be bent over the old chaise
Face staring against the dull blinds
Will it snow
Will the kids be out of school for another week
I heard a fly buzz when I
When I
You took the tall picture and put it on my dresser
That’s my favorite
I like it
Please do that again

20 Mar 2009, 7:43am


From the Archive:

Body dither romance


Dust bowl prodigal

Lucky white thingamabob
 jalopy new moon

The face at the window is the face of a man who likes to make lists

Hera, Ezra, Esther

He says fa la la
Fiddle-dee dee dee

He has come to take you with him


Five time I tried to go back and fix the corruption

Four or five

I am liars about sex


I am a child of the seventies

This poem made the carrots sad
They said, we can’t repeat it
We absolutely can’t repeat it

They took to jumping up and down in the stew making the potatoes and
meat very upset

They had to call in bugs bunny with a fire truck

Yabba dabba doo
And fred flintstone

We don’t know what is necessary


Wind or campaign

Intense map of the north
White heart


Soren kierkegaard becomes a robot

Merriweather is a force
Is brains
She left my last sandwich on the windowsill and told me the magpies ate it


I want to make love to you on the back of a school bus.
This can’t be good.
What would our parents say?


Chitty chitty bang bang
Pink panther


The world is a different place, full of motors and spitches. What are spitches?

I don’t think my children will understand these poems I write.

Neither do I…


Daguerreotype: sleep

This shading shape should be your
Elfin grot
Should be your

Bit of fur

When you shaved it off for me, I thought it was an act of romance


Today you are in electric barns

O hayloft here
Hayloft there



F Fellini the film director
Cast his wife
In the film la strada

She plays one good hooker

(Conviction, etc.)

Are you exicted
I’m excited

Maybe you don’t fit inside
the grandfather clock


My grandmother lived in the mountains

The poke salad
The poke salad
The poke salad

Sparkles with beauty


Poem for the old owners

I want to get Thai from the thai place

The green curry it’s the best ever

Bet you didn’t know that
Or did you

Guess what

I can play chopsticks
On the piano


(My lover as a Dressmakers form)

Time was, sleep made us all a little more hoary
We didn’t worry about the outcome, we worried about the income.
What the news from the war would be,
what the tendre sun

But the truth is, I didn’t want you
 To follow me
I hid you under the mattress and said that you fell

You said, I am a white foamy carcass

I said, could you Pop your shoulders in and be a little more real

The suspense here is killing me.


(My lover as Velma from Scooby Doo)

Idiot song

Come and rescue me in your van


My lover as a militant bitch

Like a child prodigy you could cut your fingernails short and bang
bang bang on the piano while Real Madrid played Arsenal in the
Champions league or Gordy Howe with the slapshot puck up ok
yeah ok


Saying it isn’t so doesn’t make it so/not so


Fists in your gown

The alternative poem
The derivative
Always exists beside you

Behind you

Lick me
Lick me there you say

You say


I’ve forgotten where

17 Feb 2015, 2:49pm

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What perfume does your wife

Elastic banners and honey c’mere
Do me the do list
All left-you-in-the-wardrobe
A dormant message from outer space
Silk stockings and spider web
webbings        quieter queer quieter
Pinks Chiffon
Greta Garbo
Soft Leggings blue pink blue pink
white pink
Patchouli soap
Lace socks and
Tautological yoga balls
Tattoos of
Lemons oils grass bottles
Spinster shoes
Shiny leather
Glandular sexy toys in a box
Next to a child’s finger painting
And bronze baby shoes and a jar of
Clara Bow in a necktie     and bangs
Feel your way in the dark
Onto a pile of books
Fall out in the snow in a fur

13 Feb 2015, 3:03pm

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Roman polanski and my father

Mirror nickel and old feet
Wet words wool socks
Tide, your diploma graduation hat tassel
Motor engine
Climb an old roof
Banner billboard
Scaring the life out of some one
They thought was an animal up along the edge
That time we went to the mountains
and there was so much snow in april
Eating macaroni and canned chicken
Peanut butter and trail mix
I asked you what the iron curtain meant
and you said something about pittsburgh
No you misunderstand
I’m tired can we go
Instead we hiked down to gatlinburg and got a room
The oak ridge boys were playing
Nearly passed out at the ripleys museum
From too much cough medicine
Jack palance remember that guy
You shook your head
I wondered if club soda would get bloodstains
out of carpet you said
Ask your mother
She would know better than I do
about those things

5 Feb 2015, 6:45pm

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I dream of jeannie

They called to me in weird names
I barely remember at end of day
The Time to come in, eat
The dinner at my house was placed
carefully in small bowls on the table
Typically meatloaf or fried steak
Always some potato
A Bread
One or two vegetables green orange yellow
Remember in the happy days
Richie says he likes meatloaf and the
girls laugh
No laughing
On Fridays there would be fast food takeout
Burgers, Mexican
usually we would eat at 5

There were different customs at my
friend’s house
We said blessing they said grace
His dad was the minister of our church
Stern taciturn
No elbows on the table
Very little speaking
They had green naugahyde couches
in the sitting area
We watched the world series 1980-81
Dodgers and Yankees
No one had cable yet
His mom served salisbury steak
Potatoes and peas
So that’s what I thought they meant by
Missionary style
And a rare treat, thousand island
salad dressing
When we were done it was almost bedtime

I went to my grandparents later and still
go there now
It is my grandmother’s house
All day food
The grownups gather at the table and eat
While the kids sit at trays low benches
hugging our knees to our chests
Woodburning stove puts out so much heat
There is probably venison
Or goat, stringy; wild pig, squirrel
You never can tell
The all day watermelon and beer drinking
on Sundays Saturdays
That was my granddad’s thing but he’s gone now

Tonight it’s the superbowl and
We’re eating chili at my house
Everyone has a bowl they sit where they want

2 Feb 2015, 2:39pm

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Mother of pearl coat

Names of wood. I don’t
remember them all
Smoky joe
Thorny branch
Acacia redwood forest
White oak, strange sycamore

Back on the coast
Dudley’s micro carried me
back home that summer
It wouldn’t go over 60
And burnt a quart of oil on the way
We listened to the chilis
And he offered me a joint

Cassette player notebook
Leaves of grass
Gaffney peach
I wanted my granddad and grandma
to pick me up
We stayed at their house for a few days
I mean Dudley too

Another time I got stuck at a
friend’s house in charlotte
I slept in his sister’s bedroom
No headphones
It was much worse than that
Parents with their child in the home
Too intimate
We had a big breakfast but I
couldn’t eat it

A day late we got up and they
dropped me off near my house
At a kmart. I stood in the auto
section listening to stereos
Were you there
On a beach in long beach
staring at sharks my parents
Beginning to come home the
interstate jobs they had noise and work
My brain couldn’t function
Sterile lights dry dusty shelves
Ugly chrome and glass
I let myself go
I walked the rest of the way

One eyed man i would later meet
at the waffle house was just
beginning his night shift job
making fiberglass insulation at the
Manville factory
I wonder if he already felt the
loss of his i
I wondered
If he would let go that easily
When his lungs a few years later
would let go

Remember you were grossed out
and couldn’t eat when you saw it

I went to write my famous novel
In the church of all saints

30 Jan 2015, 2:48pm

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Tiberius the great

Nickel and glue
Zinc, turpentine
Wood and rosewater
In love these things are so
common and rare
Exotic metals are mixed together
inside your catalytic converter
To make the air safe
Tab A in slot B
Translating instruction manuals
for the human race

Captain James T. Kirk
Pioneer of the galaxy and shiny
showman in yellowgreengold and
green and showy shirts
Tamer of all worlds
What did your captain’s quarters
hold for you
Late at night
When you went to your bed and
stared up at the starry sky
What relics of us
Spacemen from an earlier day
Have you thought of us
Standing smoking in our big hats
and splendid day jackets
Scanning the heavens for news

We waited forever
We thought we would live to see it

26 Jan 2015, 1:22pm

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Reading surrealist fiction by a dim lamp

Parabola sheepdog shepherd bowtie
At seven thirty I have to take a walk
In the cold air, and dark
Not thinking of deer lately I see three
Or one
Then two
The thoughts I have lately are so supreme
I’m in bed with you one minute
and then I’m beside myself looking
down on a ruined castle
That was my life
I can think of it
To be on the Scottish heath like an aged king
By a dead fire

Looking for a rock house that was
there for me one or two nights ago
We went looking for it
Remember the one the wind didn’t blow away
The family so pulling underneath
So together in the 1970s everyone
piling out of the wood-paneled station wagon
Summer vacation then winter
Still I’m a private man
I read Schopenhauer do you know what he says
I have a warm jacket like this
Others prepare for Snowmageddon tonight
While I check my tires at the QT
They seem ok, for now

24 Jan 2015, 1:21pm

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Tiny atlas

I know the city was here first
Before woods
Before ideas
Before Eggs and bacon
Before What-you-have-for-breakfast
Toast, especially
It was the city that drove them
From the woods
First The clown people
Aping the costumes of the gods
Bringing remote controls and dustmops
3D helicopter drug drones
Aliens microbes labs rats
Ulna and Radius
Names of things
a stone a fossil of 2D people kneeling
Then the letter men came
They were idea men
They hid the city
Bringing a fourth dimension
That was the beginning of nonsense
Lives definitions
Ex nihilo nihil fit
Which is really nonsense if you consider it
The moon men with their hoses and holsteins
Patent leather address books
Safe deposit box
Hedgerow on hedgerow. Lion statues
Where was the city in that great nest
In a vase. In the foyer
Finally we came
We loved the city so
we shoved it back in the woods
We put it up in a tree
Out of reach
Only the people in their brainless
fantasies could reach our city
Platform bed hewn from the woods
Statue of a goddess fucking her brainless
woolly mammoth man neanderthal man
With cool glasses
Scar on his thigh
The wild men liked their new bathrooms

12 Jan 2015, 3:09pm

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Big outline

Time is beauty, cellophane
Nothing at all
A big walk around the lake to see moonlight
your friends are expecting you there
On the other side
With big umbrellas and happy speeches
Décolletage mirror ball
A dance in the hall at the friendly mansion
I guess
they will see you back to sleep
And you will see the grounds tomorrow

But I’m too close to it
I worry
I think I will just walk around the lake
and want to swim
To take a deep dive under the stars
With you
Why not
Because there is a path

Otherwise I don’t know what I am
Caveman in a brain
Rattling pots and pans
Bones building fires and cooking
Living fixing
Fucking. Not eating.
Just another silly monkey
Reading James Joyce in an outhouse