3 Dec 2014, 1:52pm

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Troublesome opus

And this gap bracelet
Cannot be cute
I want to put my fingers on you
In the morning
When the sun is out
December doesn’t feel like
December this week
It is warm and oh so different
With the leaves cleared
It could be summer
I could clear the leaves
And make it summer

I keep using words like want
And summer
Binoculars, dirt
I want to see further than I am seeing
Have seen
X-rays behind you
Back to the water
How much further can you go

You would like to look at me now
Cuz I am staring at your face

I am smiling

What is this day saying to you

1 Dec 2014, 2:45pm

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Non-entity #5

Where can I sleep
I’m taking a hammock with me to find out
On the plane
On the bus
On the boat
Can I sleep on a boat

My hammock is small, it fits in my suitcase
Even the tiniest carryon
I can spread it across a small space
I just lash the two ends around two posts
And voilà!
I get to sleep in my hammock
On a train also
I forgot that one

My hammock is green
What color is your hammock
Will you spread it beside me
Come on
There is nothing better than sleep in a hammock

Outdoors my hammock is best
It is better than any bed, cot or bedroll
I just pick it up and carry it with me
I can go hiking
I can sleep in the woods in my hammock

At night
I spread my hammock over the trail where I sleep
Right there
Will you bump into me if you go there

Then you can sleep in my hammock too

2 Apr 2013, 3:45pm

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From the Archive:
Butch and Sundance


Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!

29 Nov 2014, 9:54am

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Gloss on the stuff

Berries were frisson
I wanted to eat them instead of the fries but
That is outdated
Do you understand

Degas put a newspaper
a matchstick holder and a rod
In a painting I hate
It’s called

Fingerpaint stretchmarks
The old benediction
Of skin where it stretches and creases

Pull it tight over you
Like a leash to a dog
I will be that dog

That is how we can paint
With blood and cum
And sweat and piss

And laughter
Very postmodern
Laughter after orgasmic distance

The scene is surreal
  twitch on my leg
Twitch and tickle my leg

28 Nov 2014, 2:43pm

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Preliminary Sketch

Praying for rain at the taco stand
At the night stand
After it has rained so much
I don’t belong in so much rain
It’s a four star walk from the five star
restaurant where I will eat
Where I will dress up accordingly
Season of dinner parties and layered tin foil
Evergreen lights and chips and napkins

I want a being who is more near to me than
this five sided tetragamatton
Who can understand the righteousness of love
Who fears only to be alone without love
That is my fear too

I don’t want to be the reason she has a conniption
Or folds towels in outer space
Or anything comes of the dark side

I’ve been to the dark side
It’s a big mess

Where does the universe end
With a bow tie and someone tying it on, or
Another someone unloosening that tie
Beside a table of room service
french fries on the side

19 Nov 2014, 11:16am

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Ezra Nehemiah Esther Job

Purple loincloth for a purple humongous giant clown
What would James Dean think about all this
Towering over the carnival like an alien god
An old abode of his
Right in the big mouth of the funhouse ride
Big lips
Big red tongue
The wacky laughing of the dead ghoulish corpse of James Dean

Big Zombie circus
Biblical James Dean

Been thinking about this popularity contest we’re having
The celebrity of things
The awful carnival
funhouse ticket
Crystal ball
The wheel
The wheel of fortune
Where the wild things are
The horror stays inside
The Big top lurkers pederasts
people of ill repute in general

And beside that everyone knows that clowns
Are scary

Alfred Hitchcock and a murder mystery
Mystery solved
Mayhem spooky
Behind the bushes
where he has the Actual murder occur
The Tennis player’s wife
Nondescript professional terrorist inspired malevolent face

That is a frightening character
Right out of a good novel

The killers are all difficult people to realize
It could be anyone

You me robert walker farley granger

Danny devito was in the remake
Throw momma
Throw momma from the train

That was a dumb comedy

But the better version, the original, was always there too

14 Nov 2014, 5:48pm

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Let’s listen to Deftones and fuck

Can you be someone I can have in the car beside me?
Can you put your feet up on the dash and play with your hair
while I drive somewhere far far away?


All those blown miles
I see thought-balloons over you
How are mine
Have you thought about it
Have you
Done it
A loud hiss when those balloons pop
The sharp teeth

Before nails
Before Wailing and Gnashing
There is another story
Call it biography or human nature
Call it So much to know
All the before and then and what now

It takes time to get to the bottom of it

Meanwhile, you could be in the car with me
Listening to Deftones

I could watch you
  Catch that sun on your legs
draw it in for me
  make me lose control of this
dangerous vehicle

13 Nov 2014, 3:22pm

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Railways and aleways

Can we knock over a liquor store?
I know we’ll be good at it
My calm and stoic demeanor
Your smile as you stab the clerk with a nail file
He’ll know we didn’t just come for milk

We won’t leave with it either
The jails are broken
The winds evoke loud soothing conch shells
Men and women sauna ing together
More scandalous even than the Romans

But would you
Could you
I call to the cat in my lap
Who looks marvelous this evening

I don’t own a boat, or I would be sailing to it already

10 Nov 2014, 1:18pm

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High altitude figures

Airline parking baggage
Lizard streetlight
Heavy heavy

The grid is not right
The mouth is on
Soft lips
Push the lips
Push the teeth

Lift the hair

I want to lift your hair
And kiss your neck

We like it here
We live inside here

What would you say
What do you say
Under that shininess

Do you feel Elemental
Do you feel necessary

9 Nov 2014, 10:44am

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Coupe de Ville

In a terrible country
The men were shooting geese
The geese were falling down
on people’s heads
And the people were wising up

A lash of mascara was just like
that sword of Damocles just then
Vague sense of intoxication
Then misdirection
Lots and lots of people fucking

Though they kept doing it wrong
The men were not asking the
women where it feels good
And the women were not bothering
to tell them

It was the 1950s
The new era of sex toys
Power drills and
Cheap robots that you wound up
from the back

7 Nov 2014, 7:17pm

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Duck duck goose

Book mania portmanteau
The lights over Chesapeake are
thrown down on laundromats
By the new bridge at Charleston
These ferries cost a lot
A museum in Savannah teaches
schoolboys how to pick and grow cotton
While a pile of ashes on a slave’s day bed
Is the only funeral it will ever know
The Andersonville winters full of
malaria and disease
Horrifying instances of human
brutality just miles from your door

But beauty too
Beauty costs less
A tank of gas two subs for the road
I had a weekend planned for us in Asheville
Why didn’t we go
I would’ve screwed you in the hotel
where we fell apart so many times
One screw for each screw we screwed loose
The old dresser fell apart in the antechamber
While they were building the house next door
We didn’t notice
You and I we were different people
We were good and cosmic,
adjusting our belts for the ride home