29 Oct 2014, 12:00pm

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Stradivarius percussion

The world is hot
Been thinking about you with your bright shorts on
Leaning over
Singing to the ground
They’re red
Not fire-engine red but red-orange red
I have this color in my crayon box
It’s like tangerine but, only so many of you can have it

You’ve got balls too
I can tell by your pheromones
So do I
I shaved mine
They tickle the grass when I walk
Cuz I’m a tiny man
And the butt of an old joke

When Popeye saw the Sea Hag
Why did he not marry her
I keep thinking about that one episode
where Olive Oyl wants Bluto and Popeye to shave their beards
To be Clean shaven men
You can predict what happens next
She runs off with the most bearded guy imaginable

I like cocks and cunts
Tits and balls
Butts and legs
Hairy Armpits
Shaved ones too
I don’t like
Ugliness to me is
Mean spirited ness and ruthlessness
Spoiled rotten ness
Cutting down to size when you don’t have to
No one should be ashamed of their body

I point this out to my hairdresser
Who has a pair of sharp scissors in her hands
She says alright hun
I’ve been
Wanting to paint you up kabuki style
Pin you to the bedsheets

That’s a good confession I say
I feel my balls start to tighten

I am in love

27 Oct 2014, 12:29pm

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Barbecue salad

Beautiful warlock of licking boots
And your dread mustache

You have dealt drugs on the wrong side of campus
While I was having that dream
of being a college student

It was Charles Bronson vs. the Terminator
Rainer Maria Rilke as a large celestial being
What do you think?!

I Fumigated your tights
I Funneled you through a ripped seam in the
Space time continuum
Licking you pearly

Flannel a thought
Blowgun a Ballgown

You will do very well to sleep there for 50 years if you can

It is no
Lizard petroleum
Dark helicopter

Extra sunlight will help
Bastard children all over the world with their vitamin D deficiency

Be a
Moist cookie
Dank nipple sucker

Fu Manchurian

Electric spotted organ

4 Dec 2013, 3:21pm

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From the Archive:
sweat, brains, misery

I want to write myself
from within a great culture
a great cartoon / epic
– how do you say it – epic ;
this once I’d like to know
something I’m doing will count

the forests are culminated and tragic
the fields need a plow
the laundry done
I will leave my airport home tonight
and head from one manner of being to another
I will blow leaves off the dirt

why don’t I have something to write about
other than boring shit / important stuff
about climate or sea change
others and their problems
great social miseries
faith crises
why am I just imagining this?

this once I’d like to know
something I’m doing will count
has value / works like it’s supposed to

like a car
like a good and straight car

it can be reliable
it will carry me a great distance

26 Oct 2014, 10:57am

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Pretty sex organ

I am keeping the gay lizard house
Next to the fan of blue empties
My dog has to digest it all before I come back
Poor dog
He keeps Cycling around my poem
like a massive dick and balls
I scrubbed my ass today
Look. I told you!

My diary has an extra page next to the last one
Pretty sure you know about that the way we met
Next to your foot
was a body shaped like a Violin bow
O amen
That sign is crossed
The cars go up faster even than the wolves
Only we can solve this mystery

Do you see me over there shaking my head
Pulling over a policeman
You looked up and
I don’t know
You try flashing the dying cops
I have alms for you
I want to taste you
And I want your loneliness

In my diary I write Nicole Brown Simpson
I don’t know why
She’s blessed with me all the way
I am not blessed myself

18 Oct 2014, 2:43pm

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Vodka computer toaster dressing

The opera house is a vast singer
Listen to her darling
Her pretty shoes shattering the clouds
Time after all
Blue and strapped and
Blue and blue and blue

She dances while you

Remember that feel when
her toes itched in the stockings
Alarm bells beginning to ring
Hello it’s time for church

It was after that
Before this
Too early to experience time travel
You counted it a little death
une petite mort
One of the first surely

(Can you distinctly remember,
Any of you,
The first time you came?)

You licked her toes and then you came

The baby sitter was watching one of the blue channels on the satellite
Eating ice cream while you slept
She pulled out a little vibrator from her pink purse

All day long the stock markets crashed
And whipsawed
And strangely recovered

13 Oct 2014, 10:07am

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Thinking about you and Wallace Stevens while listening to Radiohead

Making out with myself to Kid A
In Rainbows
The King of Limbs
Wondering what you’re doing on this rainy day
Does your kid have glasses yet
How’s her asthma
Has your husband begun to get that beginning-of-middle-age spare tire

I’m impressionable still
Although I talk about it less
Why bother people with God’s problems
They can’t fix them
I forgot to ask my wife for oral
And of course she didn’t remember

But that’s being petty
There are plenty of things I don’t remember

Like fixing the back door
Regrouting that loose piece of tile by the bathtub

I want to get myself in better shape
grow up in a different pattern than
Those balding dads who sing
Sing along songs
With None too difficult
Repeatable lyrics

The Rolling Stones fans
Ramones fans

It’s better sometimes
To be rendered moot
To be Disillusioned
A mouthpiece only for a beat up oily trumpet
Robotic drum machine

In awe of somebody else’s intergalactic stellar awesomeness
Vibrato sotto voce
Layered textured Spy Hunter bassline throb
The human voice can’t do that

I want to be Morphed into something
you or I or our children
wouldn’t recognize

10 Oct 2014, 11:54am

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Fat man porn dumpling

I saw Fellini in a waterfall
And it was an Italian cave

The Socialists were crawling up the cliffside in order to get in

They wanted no more fantasies
Of capitalism

They wanted to be Pirates
In a cave of pure gold

Instead it was fantasy by Fellini
And Burgeoning
The whole species was engaged in
Metaphorical blue kicks

Eating tiny little cakes made out of aluminum foil

Someone looked at an assassin’s butt
But Fellini had his whole acting crew engaged in a
Sempiternal phallic kiss

Fellini just stood to the side
Lizard Pornstar in a fake movie
Put there for apparently
No reason

9 Oct 2014, 9:30am

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Human beings in space and time

I am enamored of puzzles
It is wonderful they are wonderful
I keep finding them strange things underneath me

Inside the manor there is a tremulous recording

As the fbi agents sit in the van

Like a strange hand cupping my balls

I wish I could know you how they would feel to you

I love to wear a wire I bear a witness against myself

We feel the hosiery accents everything


The society is on
In the bedroom

I am watching you through it

Watching Now, Voyager with you
after many years of voyaging
You have a Sense of Bette Davis about you

You are in a Blue mood
You are in a Soft and somber mood

What can we trouble each other with
at this point

What can I say about your mood

It turns out, many things

Our relations are complicated
We like it


An altruistic dimension of space is what we need

Where we can go
There are no repercussions or morals

The thing about space is
There is all this time to get through it

We like to look at the Unwatched TV
The espionage threats beginning
Pasty white sea of elephants
The spies’ ringleader
Poking into the brain’s holes

I don’t want to hurt you
But I don’t want to sacrifice myself
to this beginning sentence

8 Oct 2014, 11:50am

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Group metrics

People are getting naked at a young age
It starts in church
Cruella is a pretty lady
When the rerun’s on
The minister in a black robe his choir clothes
Turns to the back row

And we belong there in the back row
the row is empty
Making Etchings in the pew
Playing hangman

Later on in school there is a duty
to reinforce this sense of Oedipal duty
The phallic phase
The breast reduction surgery
Bowel control and all that

Something in us rebels and makes us want to strip

We shoot spitballs in the Bathroom
Do some Shrooms
Strip down to our naked bodies

Touch yourself over the sink
Try it
Place the camera up high and possible
Something unimaginable
Peter Lorre in a rainstorm
A mute glamour model

We have consumed it
we have whispered

There is a clue to happiness
It is hiding under the afghan
Touch it
Take it home with you

6 Oct 2014, 1:21pm

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I’m the stranger killing an arab

Tumblr vagina poetry whatnot
Lacy Virginia cotton panties
Roanoke, Roanoke
Jack in the box
Jack and Jill went tumbling down

The alley
A riddle a puzzle
Albert Camus
I don’t sell dope I make dope shit
In Athens there is a head shop
black light posters record store
Wuxtry are you still open

Robert Smith in black lipstick
Black nails
White paleface goth man
Are you listening

I watched Johnny Depp in Dead Man twenty times I still don’t get it
Neil Young do you get it

Eating plum chicken while stoned
Watching Lord of the Flies while stoned that summer
I performed in a band concert while stoned

What did you say

The well respected country club
Didn’t know what to make of us pimply-faced squawkers
Jim Morrison
Doors of perception

I was a high school valedictorian
Living a lie
Makes me shiver to think about
The things that I’ve done
The places where I didn’t fit
The stories I did not tell
We all like to think that we have a little friendship coterie back of us don’t we

I had a few
Falcon whose parents had the best grass
Peter who could fix anything mechanical
Joe who would go on to wreck anything Peter fixed
Trent, Trent who showed me the good side of Athens
Time of my life
Getting drunk with all the guys after the dancehall closed
Getting lost, real lost in the woods

In the alley
Down on the train tracks
Looking for girls looking for guns looking for cigarette butts
unlit joints loose coins gravel sawdust
Anything we could find on the
Train tracks
Cross tie spikes
anything I could get my hands on

And then when I had it it was never good enough
So I got drunk and drunker
I just shoved your face under the covers
& said I would see it shining
Saturday Sunday
The whole weekend
Whatever I could think of

The whole weekend was like that
Like falling through fog

2 Oct 2014, 12:40pm

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Dynasty of black

A peckerwood is in distant north
A dark sky tone
A magnet in the directions of the town

And the blacker mass with Buck Mulligan at the head of it
was steadfast
At the Chrysler dealership
He looked stately
I was a woman at last
I opened my mouth and I partook of his love offering (ball gag)

He gave me wine
My lips were red
He stained my teeth with his bright red wine

My hairy knees knocked under the
pink ballgown
As the bride groom
Felt himself bulge
He rubbed his hard prick against my butt

I thought of
James Joyce, I thought of you
with your nose pressed against the crack of your wife


I hated it
On the subway, like a cliff those Japanese stranger
porn sites are always pushing people off of

I forgot how to conjugate anything

The knickers I got you are not becoming
Except with a plaid skirt
The white socks

Language as a rape fantasy
It’s fairly accurate

I would like to be bigger
I would like to have my legs shaved so smooth as his but they are prickly

Would like to have something begin on top of me

I try to live all my life with a full cup
And light some alleys
But this hallway is always very dark

It leads to my inner recess
My core if I have one

Lighting me up filling me with dark paint

O come all ye faith ful