8 Sep 2014, 10:42am

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Massive underlying truth

Round latency
Clear dinner
Chest x-ray
Toboggan with hat

Mercurial advances in outer space
Are causing premonitions all over the world
Especially at your house

People in bed are watching you
moving out loud

Yosemite is unsafe
The Middle East sucks
Two dogs will eat their bitch mother

Someone told the newspaper reporters yesterday
to go away and leave you alone
The littlest one got down the chimney

Finally there is a
Vast audience for your masturbatory antics

5 Sep 2014, 10:35am

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The human being night shirt

Sofa gentle lovesick tickle
Buona fortuna
Concerto by Brahms
The old Victorian run down gloomy look
In a room
Which is Pale, and lucid
Conjoined twins are always arming themselves like this
They are going to fight one day
If only they could agree on when

I am a roman gladiator
I own nothing
I am against nothing
Nihil est
My factory is built out of wallpaper

I fall apart when they ask me to do things
I only wish I could sneeze

Nearing the cloud I felt a cold celebrity washing my face
It was like a human feeling
Very sinking

Compassion is cold
Was hoping brAngelina would adopt me or something
But no

There are different names for what the light does
Here, if you don’t like this one, try another

My chest has a hairy nipple
No, it’s two

5 Aug 2013, 12:59pm

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From the Archive:
Homesick not homesick

I miss the Los Angeles basin and the real,
real nights, the lights of Santa Clarita
dotting the hillsides of the steep canyons

I go up to the reservoir in my green jeep
the old road corner by
the wet river

It’s been a river for some time
the flash floods
signs the mud nearly washed out

The road is broken in some places

The hedges are nestled by hillsides
hills nearly cliffs
these houses withstand so much
while others stumble
in the dry turn

This season is burning with no match
the lights are then floods
over me
the green hills turn to brown
so quick

I walk in sunshine
back to my world

4 Sep 2014, 8:53am

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The inventory leaf

Leftover canvas
Soul prick
Just a sheet, a winding sheet
Love from a corpse
you acknowledge, you know
You did a Beautiful thing with yourself
It involved a pencil, and a brush
Afterwards there was Smoke, a needle
Some smothering with a gas rag

No one cares about you the way you imagined they would
That’s something I have to remind myself of
each morning when I put on my mask
No one deserves to know me
Whatever I give them, let them live with that

But oh How the roof leaks
It is old

I don’t know how to pay for things that don’t last
They aren’t real
My rusty elbow reminds me I have to take my exercise

Cars people houses
Strip clubs
It’s easy to see how it all gets reduced
And imparted with something like a mild sort of ecstasy

The Milky Way

I feel like a killer
I should be
Painting nude little wasps in my bedroom

I might as well have just put out a camp fire
The hard way

29 Aug 2014, 12:41pm

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Imagined I had a lot of fever, nature center

Suck and squeeze
Made up a headloop
For show and tell
I brought a rock
It was Gorgeous
Slimy and green covered
Fetched from a river
Which was Also a tributary
Like a lot of things in those days baby creeks
Agitated by whole skeletons of mollusks
Grass carp were brought in to do the rest
To Kill!
The Invasive grass willowing underneath
which was choking out the native plants
just like that goddamned English ivy
Up top
The whole mountainside was practically falling into the pond

The lady has an owl that is scaring the shit out of me
Elizabeth Bishop
Her name is Diana the Huntress
No Athena has the owl
That’s scat

I want to smoke you so bad
Lay your head on my head
Can we see something
Share some head lice
I have jet lag
I have gone so far, so far, around the whole world, so far

28 Aug 2014, 2:12pm

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The human being furnace

Eras are being shot in Technicolor
In the dinosaur lands

There is a Jules Verne-ish willful explosion
Warm compassion awaits you in a land of elk and tropical doormats!

You are going on the Love Boat
Captain Stubing really knows his business
For right away you fall in love with his bald pate
Will he ever leave his wife?
But wait
You forgot about the terrible White Mountains and the tripods
You can’t forget that

You watch an army of ants crawl over Merrill Stubing’s face
It’s fun

But what can you see of this overgrown valley we call madness?
It’s hotter t/here
Bonkers! Poor Pooh bear.
Eeyore would know what to do
He would

Imagine that you are inside of a valley with a T. Rex
It is a long long long long valley
Which gives you the greater odds?
Being a man
Or being the burning bush which kills him and the dinosaur too?

19 Aug 2014, 2:11pm

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San Bernardino

I want to be somewhere different
Rummaging towns with you
Down there in South America
Or to the west of america
All the Old ghost towns
Where people have abandoned things
I want to walk up and see what’s what
On the walls do they have signs pointing
To a heritage
Or do the individuals matter
Do they demand
That they matter
The writer’s desk that the writer sat up from
when he discovered that the world was a bigger place than he was
I want to know that

I started with a creative drawing:
Elizabeth Barrett Browning walking down the stairs
Of a modern day split level where kids are playing Atari
on a Saturday morning
Wearing Pooh and Tigger pajamas
And she decides to make some pancakes because
The sun is up, why not
The sun is in her hair and there is
In the negligence of the light,
A certain apparition, and foreboding:
The story will not get written

But what about our story
You and I and our trip to Peru,
Portland Oregon
So many places were waiting for us
Why did we not go there
If given a chance I would redo that part
My friend and his new wife are now riding horses across Mongolia
What a story
We could have that too
Couldn’t we

I am sick of all this leaving
Thinking that we’ll live out our retirement
in a potash facility outside Trona, some dump
where granddaddy longlegs climb up rusting water pipes
And nobody does anything all day but listen to noise

What would you do or tell me what works for you, what do you hear

Do these kids drink from hoses
Do they ride their bikes in the air, in the desert
I hear the collective wind come alive with the sound of bike chimes
And I wonder
If that’s what we’re missing

If dust is dust, we’re good for that
I could go on all day about the ash, beautiful flowers
The look of it in your hair, on your hands
It’s all enough
So what were we worried about?

17 Aug 2014, 11:39am

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I sweat profusely each time I mow the lawn

(Kill your darlings)

Hex stamp blitzkrieg romance

Spiderbite poultice
Angry as fuck

Foolish in love
And metamorphosing into some kind of a shirt scratcher
Drinking power protein shake smoothies each morning to boost my fiber
Fighting off the effects of old age
With a ridiculous monotonous routine
I Lift the dumbbells over my head
And Swear and cuss when I hear the joints pop
Rub the sore spot over my shoulder
Think about what it might have been
to live in some sort of more temperate future
where it all would begin to make sense

In my dreams I sometimes resemble Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element
But with more hair

Everyone knows what they like
That’s the trouble with people
All of them
Are Dumb and Dumber
And the genius ones are the dumbest of all
No Milla Jovovich to show them the way
with her orange hair and drop dead gorgeous good looks
For she doesn’t use her brains for villainy
Not even in the Resident Evil series of which I am also a fan
She is a goddamn vigilante fighter

Instead we get Disney films and they all feature some kind of
a do-gooder maître d’
Usually male
Who is all I am going to show the world what I am made of!
with pluck and valour
And so we get another Swedish self-centered heroism
The Highlights cartoon Goofus and Gallant
Reader’s Digest ceremonial platitudes
Breakfast stories
Good morning america

But that is not what I’m talking about

In my movie
The hero is a whoremongering whorehound
And he is walking in your neighborhood
And he dives into the alley and he puts on a swift coat
He eats leftovers from the Chinese restaurant
Wipes his mouth with his sleeve
He plays with dogs
He is a drug dealer
And a drug taker
He sits at the bar with Leopold Bloom and he kicks back beer after beer
He walks through the town with little Alex and he beats up a homeless man
Fancy old rich ladies with gigantic porcelain penises
He is a cad
With a gigantic codpiece

He walks all night and in the end he comes to your house
To drop a love letter in your mailbox

I want to finger bang you under a blanket while we watch a Disney princess movie

And you go to the window and you look out and you blush
And there he is,
So you shoot him

Which is Morse code for
I want to turn over everything

11 Aug 2014, 11:37am

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Cathedral mnemonic

Fern I want to take off your clothes
and see if I can topple you in the dormitory
You don’t think so?
We should play some kids’ games just to see
Follow me I’ll go into hiding
look for me upstairs

I remember a boy I want to put in a girl’s dress
A sunny summery one
Rich cotton
No bra
Kiss his nipples and suck on them
Pull his privates until he cums hard in my hand
Little baby grunts
Sobbing necklace
Both of us wanting it I swear

6 Aug 2014, 11:40am

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The human being cloud

Eucalyptus, and gentleman

The cartoons in the village are playing on repeat
It is a bewildering time
Having watched 15,000 episodes of The Jetsons
The kids don’t know the difference between
George of the Jungle and Tarzan
They haven’t seen either in so long
Woody Woodpecker is an even more distant memory
Such violence
And the two birds, Heckle and Jeckle
Well they’re just racist

It’s obscene the amount of humor that goes into
making an ugly cartoon ugly
Yet we watch the news without blinking
Through all the cynical seasons

The people on Jeopardy know all the answers
But when does one ask the right question?
Pregunta, quaestio
It doesn’t matter which voice you use
Just stare at the heavens
Boiling like a cold clod
All day, all night
And then an anvil falls on your head

4 Aug 2014, 10:42am

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Interstate 40 Love Song

(with apologies to Stone Temple Pilots)

The Sun is kissing you and I miss this heat
Three days since I left Barstow and I’m clear across America
Back in the dark humid woods
Driving down from Tennessee into Georgia
My native home
The road is pretty but
You can only see so far
Humidity obfuscating every view
Trees bunching us in
I remember when we were kids and we would crawl under their limbs like babies
That is where I first showed and got shown
Now it seems like a stuffy world
One that can’t seem to get clear of a bad sinus headache

I want to take a day or two off
And See Rock City Ruby Falls
The signs you see for 100 miles out from Chattanooga in all directions
But I’ve already seen them

I’ve seen Wilmington too
Which according to the road sign on I-40 leaving Barstow was 2,554 miles east
That’s crazy

This is a big country
There are mountains on one end and cannabis
A desert and more mountains
Plains and rivers and hills and finally another set of mountains
Coast and opposite coast
As if there weren’t enough deserts to drive through
I want the wind on my face and I want it now
A sun so still
Sky big enough to cover us

Oceans of sand
Brown canyons