20 Nov 2015, 10:46am

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Desert fleece / polypropylene / wet cotton

Scattered message throat lozenge diaper rash
Forced Forceps troubled dream Indiana
Who drew you in petticoats swimsuit bunny jumper
Tragic black makeup long hair wild irises
It was me I guess
I didn’t wish it
How did I know it was you
The ‘you’ you are in a dream is always suspect
I don’t know you
I Listen to rap these days rap and punk heavy metal
I don’t know you
I Bought you a birthday card forgot to mail it
Found it the other day washing my car
Forgot to tell you
The batteries inside were still good it buzzed when I opened it up and
There was a Fly on a wall

Fly strips are made of what
Grandmother fell down again she’s in a rehab facility now
First Thanksgiving since I’ve been nine? We won’t go there
Maybe have a turkey here
Watch the leaves fall start a fire
Drink a Lagavulin and think of all we had to lose to get here
we now have to be up so early and don’t really know what to do with all that freedom
When all I can do is react to the damage and report it
Bombs going off everywhere
Plan and contingency
In a dream I can still feel the
Pink slippers of your mouth around me
Like a hill climbing on top and
My Hand on your face touching you and
That’s the way it goes I guess
In a dream we are safe, since none of us even exist

15 Oct 2015, 1:31pm

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Last will and testament

Dust ruby hiding cough
coal mother crow eyes eagle face
Little shine on the valley hey man
bends over and picks up a soap
A cartoon drawn by a child
Becomes a puzzle in man’s eye
Graphic novels read by the best award-winning prized
vocalist vocals
He schedules you in for the afternoon
Books on tape audio books books on cd
What are books
The obsolete grows more obsolescent
As you grow more senescent
Good girl Go on
who does not remember that painting of Turner’s golden/
White goddess
Fairy me fairy
Yes they do all say they do
But who will you have come
The koi in my pond yes
I Want my son to have the big stereo with the blown speaker
Listen to it in the motorhome
big bass tube sound
Bliss I want to know bliss
fall back to forgetting
Grandmother what are you hiding
In the cemetery where the crows are

30 Mar 2005, 4:36am

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From the Archive:
poem with a door

and you would turn it
into one of those ideas where every step of the way
the floor moves another square tile
ahead of the hero

of this video game
into a scene which you don’t see
until he moves into it

because you’re so busy
working the joystick like a motherfucker
back and forth making the feet work
making him excellent

at the obstacles, jumping up
over that log, blitting the red button, now
the whip curling, just in time
to follow the limbs swinging
over the ravine

and because you’ve already mastered
this one, you know exactly
how it is, that you get him into that final frame

in the deluxe edition
the monster waits in, in waist high water
with a woman strapped to a rock

and you can feel
the deft move with which he pulls
the arrows out, the bow from his back…

and begins running, rapidly, from there

27 Aug 2015, 10:04am

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Brain liquid metaphysics

Breadcrumb society
Trailer station
Waking up and rolling over and
Writing songs like
What did you dream of before this
The train is all over me
Lake woebegone
Travelling to minutes before
where there used to be donut shops
Police car outtakes
Don’t close your eyes we’re on a stakeout
Outside your house
The transformer robots gleefully sleep
and Cyborgs wait on us
We are them
Their dream
Here is the software for your root code
Starbucks analogy freeze frame dunkin donuts
McDonald’s nescafe
conditions are just fine at amazon
Thank god
What was toni Braxton singing
Before I knew how to know
I am Totally lukewarm now
My mind changes everything
Like Cold pizza
tetris can suppress your appetite
Or lady viagara
do you know what I’m saying
Angels can’t drive
If they could
There’d have to be a new sort of madonna
outside the Louvre

22 Jul 2015, 10:18am


David Bowie – Lou Reed – tiny country

Hair face
Pretty blossom
You look like a dove
You look like a dolphin

You remind me of me and andie with the gay porn
Me and alex
Me and the little eiffel
I remember

How come you’ve got no cave
How come
All alone alone
All by the body
The bamboo reeds shoot up in the lawns
The drug dealers go down and say
Grandmother grandmother what big eyes you have
The fairytale is ugly
Leave us alone

Mother mother may I
Wear your dress
Throw rocks in the weeds
I caught my finger on a hook
I’m bleeding

Now we are going home for the hernia operation
I can’t even walk now
I have the gauze mouth anaesthetic
Wisdom tooth munchies

Boys names for girls
Boys and girls
Echo cardiogram
They say it is a heart murmur
They say
They say we will all die

I wanna swim
like dolphins can swim

16 Jun 2015, 12:11pm

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Does the pope wear a hat

Purple luncheon holstein holler
Bicycle shirt holster
It’s a thin material a wicking material
It’s a shirt for a bicycle
I find it cosmically unafraid and filter out the bad

First things are called exactly what they are
Mower bag
Vacuum attachment
Laundry chute

Then you are running around a lot
Probably trying your high protein low carb
Fat burner diet
Spinning in spinning class
Exercising on a wheel
Naturally you are looking good there too
Those squats are really good for your glutes
But look at all those sweaty gym clothes

And now you can’t stand it anymore
when it’s all over who will know you
Things go on and sometimes you have to be sure

I would like to see you when
You are
running low on your
Under things
When it’s just you and your horizon
Lucky there later here

Ronald Colman
Little man unafraid and naked
In a white t shirt

Punching the stars

2 Jun 2015, 2:00pm

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June 2001

I was living in a castle without any ideas
What a job
No man could be kinglier
I downloaded Kid A on limewire on my super fast dsl
It took a week
Then I listened to Kid A for ten weeks in my car
Immersed and terrified
Kid A summer
I was following moths
Azaleas, hydrangea bushes
Photographing crepe myrtles and
pointillist photoshop images of my daughter
What did I know about anything

You have experiences, yours may be similar
Did you vote in an election
Run from the cops
I only wanted to get out of my shitty
Two bedroom apartment and get on with my real life

When the lights went out though
We got drunk a lot
We sat, ministering
Thinking aloud about what to do next
About where to go and when
Then Nowhere then
A pile of books and dogs and liner notes
What a mess

That’s when I remembered the one thing that I wanted to be

I followed your trail of clothes to the bedroom

21 May 2015, 10:31am

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Lyrics to a song

Wordsfortune cherokee garage
Think I don’t think
Hope I don’t hope
Remember me a mirror for my brain
To take more ugly selfies
Shroud for my cock
I see people I see flies
What do I spy with my little eye
colors clothes landscapes matches
Parolees problems aliens and sitcoms
Obama is my president
Brandishing my thought like, what

Storms of generosity when you consider
A.R. Ammons and science
What to make of
A guy on tumblr making art from birdswings
Think I think
When I will see
More of this and more of that
generally all good
High quality
People in their saddest thoughts are full of high quality
Pot to piss in
The saddest man puts a flower on his head
I am jealous of sad people
I want to steal one
and be its golem

14 May 2015, 10:30am

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Egon Schiele is in my basement

Time for interesting morals and habits
Al shabaab
Upanishad window
Translating variables into arcane symbols for machines
It’s how I operate, awesome
Been dealing with a lot of stress you know
which I won’t talk about here
Because that’s unseemly
Although it doesn’t make a robot any less human

Bungalow nightdress mad
Watch snow white drive in a trance
Devo whip it
Pots on heads or
Who is the last ramone
My heroes are worshipping themselves all over again

I thought to grab your crotch but also

I want to spend sunday watching baseball
And have some fish tacos
Take my sons skating
Time for home time, time
What’s the most interesting thing
imaginative word you know
Scooter clothesline
word what’s a
Word for clandestine

28 Apr 2015, 12:52pm

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Sunny D is not a vitamin

Looking different
Vegetables and cartons
Bene gesserit
That old litany of someone you know versus
Someone you just want to have a baby with
Child rearing and egos
Love you like
People slipping in and out of your home like
Shadows in the mud room
What was the name of that dog
What was it
Was it blood and grass, mold, what was it
Also what is
Best for this detergent
I think this time
You might bleach your eyeballs with lime
if you don’t like what you see
Many people see me
Many, my aunt at seventy-five
She looked so lovely
Hugging her granddaughter at the birthday lunch
It was there
All up in the air between them
Fiercely hugging
You could tell it was something genuine

22 Apr 2015, 6:52pm


Thinking of Jeremy Clarkson, and what will happen next

Bullshit weather atrocity
Jumping beans in the heavens
With a great smoke coming down
Watch the
Chimney bugs beetles and worms
Rout of flowers and green fields
Working up into the mulch beds
I fight it with work
I must I have to quarrel with it
It’s how we humans deal with our impending sense of doom
Chaos and disorder
If they’re out of the title you want at the store you pitch a fit
Punch a producer in the face
All to get paid with another paycheck
Rainy day fund stop gap noxious gas
for your further wedding retirement old age
Because you know you really can’t rely on your children
They’ve been overloved
And why should they/you
Their life is theirs
They ought to live it far far away
And drive fast exotic sports cars
See you when I see you. Love, the Stig.
That’s all we want for them
All the best
If you want to buy sex toys on Amazon now you can